Does my pump work? What is the water level in the well?

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Pump control system

The system consists of a ultrasonic level measurement device, a cloud storage service and a mobile application. Installing the device in the well and connecting the pump to it, You can always know the real water level and set the pump operation settings within wide limits. You need a wi-fi network with Internet access to operate the system.

Level conrol

You can always know the real water level

Flexible settings

Setup water levels to switch your pump on and off

Pump stats

Water level and pump operations reports

Push notifications

Setup alerts for water level changes

Water level sensor

An ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the water level. The device connects to wi-fi network, sends data and receives settings through the cloud. After saving the settings, the device can autonomously control the pump.

Controller with external ultrasonic sensor

Device with external ultrasonic sensor, power cord and pump outlet

Wired controller

Controller with conductive level sensors. Using different lenght wires as a sensors. Can use up to 4 differt levels for app control.

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